Further to the success of the Sea-Me-We 2 ("South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 2") submarine cable project started during the late 80's, Singapore Telecom and France Telecom started in 1993 some preliminary studies for a follow-on high capacity cable linking Europe to the Asia-Pacific region.
In December 1994, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by 16 Parties for the development of the Sea-Me-We 3 project between Western Europe and Singapore. In November 1996, additional MOU(s) were signed to extend the system from Singapore to the Far East and to Australia. Finally in January 1997, the Construction and Maintenance Agreement for Sea-Me-We 3 was signed by 92 International Carriers. By end-2000 the entire network was completed.
Sea-Me-We 3 includes 39 landing points in 33 countries and 4 continents from Western Europe (including Germany, England and France) to the Far East (including China, Japan and Singapore) and to Australia. Sea-Me-We 3 is the longest system in the world with a total length of 39,000 km. The use of Wavelength Division Multiplexing greatly increases the capacity of the network allowing high quality transmission all the way over distances as far as from Germany to Australia.
The System capacity as at August 2003, had been upgraded twice already and today it consists of two fibre pairs each carrying 8 wavelengths. Some wavelengths operate at 10G whilst others at 2.5G. In 2006, 2nd 10G Upgrade was completed which increased Sea-Me-We-3 system capacity significantly. In May 2007, Sea-Me-We-3 Management Committee announced the completion of another 10G upgrade for 48 wavelengths or so-called 3rd 10G Upgrade, and subsequently the 5th Notional Capacity Expansion was distributed to all the owners.
At the time of the C&MA signature, capacity could be purchased on an Ownership basis. After the C&MA signature, capacity can only be purchased on an IRU basis.
For the capacity pricing, Sea-Me-We 3 introduced a very innovative Price Incentive Scheme based on the MIU*km concept. For each MIU (i.e. a 2 Mbit/s circuit) between two landing points, the price is equal to the geographical distance between these two points (subject to a minimum of 550 km and to a maximum of 10,000 km) multiplied by the unit cost for a MIU*km.
For IRU purchase, the price will be at a Fixed Price of USD50 per miu*km for circuit within any segment in Sea-Me-We 3.
A dedicated team consisting of the landing party Administrations meet annually to plan cable restoration arrangements for the following year, so that there will be minimal interruption to customer service in case the submerged plant develops problems. Sea-Me-We-3 consortium has a tradition of strong co-operation amongst its members. It is essential that the interests of the majority in maintaining customer business continuity are taken care of.
Due to the huge capacity and excellent connectivity to many countries and its innovative pricing structure, Sea-Me-We-3 is ideally suited to meet the traffic needs of the new technologies such as broadband services, Internet, video services and ATM.
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NA have completed the process of capacity distribution of 18,9 M (301,344 VC-4) MIU*km to SMW3 Parties capacity distribution after SMW3-SMW4 MARA reduction and the distribution using Schedule B of Q3 2018.

We would like to inform you of a change in contact number for GBNOC. With effect from 1 Jul 2019, the number to reach GBNOC as follows: +65 6248 4274 +65 6248 4285 All existing numbers will be ceased, starting from 30 Jun 2019.

The SMW3 UPG#5 E2E JAC and WAC CAR forms are available at the NA website for Upgrade#5 investors to download. The duly completed form is to be submitted to NA for E2E circuit activation.

The Connectivity Diagrams after Upgrade#5 are now available on the NA website for parties to download.

The SMW3 UPG#5 Portable Miu*Km have been distributed to the Upgrade#5 investors and the capacity are available at the NA website for their circuit activation via the normal activation procedure.

NCE#7 has been distributed to Upgrade#5 investing parties on 15th May 2016 to each investing party’s Reserve Capacity Pool. The Parties are BICS, CTM, MCII, MPT,ORANGE, OTE, REACH GNL, SINGTEL, STC, TI SPARKLE and TURK TELEKOM.

NA have completed the process of capacity distribution of 34,336,512 MIU*km to SMW3 Parties by 1 Jan 2015, released from SMW4 MARA; and the distribution is according to the Q3 2014 Schedule B.

Check out the latest JAC and WAC forms which has incorporated capacity conversion into one form. You will no longer required to submit RC->JAC and RC->WAC conversion requests.

Deactivation and Path Deassignment forms have been incorporated into one form. The Path Deassignment (AC to RC) module is for capacity that has been converted but not activated.

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