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The SMW3 UPG#5 E2E JAC and WAC CAR forms are available at the NA website for Upgrade#5 investors to download. The duly completed form is to be submitted to NA for E2E circuit activation.

The Connectivity Diagrams after Upgrade#5 are now available on the NA website for parties to download.

The SMW3 UPG#5 Portable Miu*Km have been distributed to the Upgrade#5 investors and the capacity are available at the NA website for their circuit activation via the normal activation procedure.

NCE#7 has been distributed to Upgrade#5 investing parties on 15th May 2016 to each investing party’s Reserve Capacity Pool. The Parties are BICS, CTM, MCII, MPT,ORANGE, OTE, REACH GNL, SINGTEL, STC, TI SPARKLE and TURK TELEKOM.

NA have completed the process of capacity distribution of 34,336,512 MIU*km to SMW3 Parties by 1 Jan 2015, released from SMW4 MARA; and the distribution is according to the Q3 2014 Schedule B.

Check out the latest JAC and WAC forms which has incorporated capacity conversion into one form. You will no longer required to submit RC->JAC and RC->WAC conversion requests.

Deactivation and Path Deassignment forms have been incorporated into one form. The Path Deassignment (AC to RC) module is for capacity that has been converted but not activated.

You will also be able to add more emails to the cc list for requestor and correspondent when you submit or match a request.

For new website account ( Parties only ), kindly email the following information to the NA at

(1) User Name (ID), (2) User Full Name, (3) Designation, (4) Office Address, (5) Office contact, (6) Office fax, (7) E-mail address and (8) Mobile number

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